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Candid Web Hosting Solutions Introduces Indian Domain Name Registration Service for Rs. 650

Noida (Delhi NCR) (PRWEB) August 26, 2014

Candid Web Hosting Solutions, the leading web hosting company in India, is offering Indian domain registration packages to clients at prices as low as Rs. 650. With every domain, the company is offering no cost DNS management service, domain forwarding service, domain theft protection, unlimited contact updates and two email accounts.

One of the senior executives of the company said, “A domain name is a unique address to locate sites on the Internet. With us you can buy Indian domain names such as .in,,,,,, and several others at really low prices. You can register these domain names for your company at prices starting at as low as Rs. 650. We give you full control of your domain name along with the id and password of the registered domain name.”

Candid Web Hosting Solutions allows you to sell your domain name whenever you want. The company gives complete administrative and technical rights with each registered domain. Buyers just have to convey the domain name that they want along with their contact details. Once the registration is confirmed, the domain name will solely belong to the buyer. However it will take around two days for the domain name to show up in the Internet database.

“Unlike other companies, we do not retain the ownership of your domain name. Therefore, you can make changes in your website whenever you want, because you are the owner of the site. However, we will not be responsible for the availability of the domain name in between the time we receive your request and the time the payment is made. We take great pride in our customer support service and follow a fair pricing policy for our valuable customers. Therefore, the prices have been kept as low as possible,” further added the executive.

Apart from being a leading provider of domain name registration in India, Candid Web Hosting Solutions also provides linux and windows web hosting services to clients. Some of the popular packages of the company are hosting Mumbai and web hosting New Delhi. It also offers reseller web hosting, blog hosting and e-commerce hosting in India services.

About the Company

Candid Web Hosting Solutions is a leading web hosting service provider and Indian domain registration company. Some of the web hosting services of the company include linux hosting, windows hosting, blog hosting and e-commerce hosting. Other hosting plans of the company include ASP.NET hosting, PHP hosting, cPanel hosting, drupal hosting and Indian web hosting.

Contact Information

A 82, Sector – 4,

Noida, (Delhi NCR)


Phone: 91-9250921444

E-mail: sales(at)candidhost(dot)com



Bizible Raises $8 Million in Funding Led by Scale Venture Partners; Broadens B2B Marketing Performance Management Product

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) August 26, 2014

Bizible Inc., a provider of marketing performance management software, has secured $ 8 million in funding led by Scale Venture Partners (ScaleVP) with participation by Tim Kopp and existing investors Madrona Venture Partners, MHS Capital, Investment Group of Santa Barbara, and Rob Glaser. Bizible will use the funding to accelerate development of its marketing performance management solution and provide new solutions for B2B marketers and CMOs. As part of the investment round, Stacey Bishop, Partner with Scale Venture Partners, will join the Bizible Board of Directors.

Bizible connects marketing and sales data in Salesforce which allows for unmatched optimization insights based on revenue. “We first went deep in paid media analytics, especially for those investing in paid search.” said Aaron Bird, co-founder and CEO of Bizible. Bizible also today announced an expanded product offering currently in beta that’s targeted to business-to-business CMOs. With this product, CMOs can quickly:

Keep the entire marketing team accountable for driving revenue
Ensure alignment between marketing and sales
Shift budget to high performing channels based on downstream metrics such as opportunity creation and revenue

“The potential of connecting marketing and sales is incredibly exciting,” continued Bird. “With this launch, we have now finished closing the loop across all digital channels. This enables unprecedented alignment between sales and marketing to succeed by driving revenue together as a team.”

“The role of CMO has transitioned from artist to scientist. Marketing is under immense pressure to demonstrate positive impact on revenue but finding the right tools to do so has been difficult even in the digital age,” said Stacey Bishop, Partner, Scale Venture Partners. “Bizible is changing this dynamic, providing marketers with the insight to adjust campaigns and drive higher ROI. It is a great addition to our broad digital marketing portfolio and I am excited to be working with Aaron and his team as they continue to expand their offering.”

The funding will also be used to accelerate product development by hiring additional employees out of the Seattle headquarters, including a data scientist and other product development roles.

Bizible serves hundreds of customers across a wide range of industries, a client base that has grown by ten times in the last year to include such companies as Optimizely, OpenDNS, MongoDB, Xamarin, Open Colleges, Curtiss Wright, ADP, and Fujitsu.

Related DNS Press Releases Announces Top 10 Business Hosting Service Providers of 2014 3rd Quarter

(PRWEB) August 27, 2014

Having a website representing any business entity is a strategic move every business owner should take in this internet-ruled day and age. When it comes to choosing a business hosting service provider, many business owners cannot take the right decision as the enterprise-level hosting service providers are really many. In a bid to put a definite end to this widespread confusion, recently released a top-10 list of business hosting service providers that are offering affordable and comprehensive web hosting services. Hosting1000 ranked InMotion, a CNET certified premium business hosting solution provider, as the best of the pack for Q3 2014.

Click here to view the top 10 business hosting ranking! analyzes a variety of factors in order to review and rank the business hosting service providers. The enterprise web hosting service providers are ranked on the basis of their uptime and downtime, DNS configuration settings, control panel and various other technical and usability aspects. One can find more about each and every business web hosting service provider by visiting the respective review pages on the website. offers complete reviews of all the top 10 hosting service providers. Not only business website hosting providers, the site also comes up with updated list of top ecommerce hosting and cloud hosting service providers at regular intervals. From pricing to exclusive features, one can know almost everything about each web hosting service provider by visiting the review website. Some of the other hosting service providers ranked by the website are JustHost, Yahoo Web Hosting, iPage, HostGator etc. is not just a review site, but one can easily find clear guidelines about how to choose a reliable hosting service provider by visiting the site. “We aim to assist business owners to take educated purchasing decisions when it comes to web hosting. “Web hosting is a serious investment and one should not just go for too cheap services or believe in unrealistic claims”, the owner of the review website recently told.

The review website also offers activation coupons that the business owner eager to host their own websites via third party can avail and enjoy attractive discounts on hosting services. The activation codes can be found on the review pages. “There’s much more explore than just reviews on the site”, a webmaster revealed very recently.

About the Company is hosting service review website that publishes top hosting service provider reviews, ratings etc.

To find more about the 2014 business hosting service providers, visit


Seattle, WA (PRWEB) September 02, 2014

DomainTools®, the leader in domain-name and DNS research products, today announced it has partnered with industry leaders to provide cybersecurity investigators with turnkey resources for cyber threat intelligence. DomainTools now integrates with solutions from Mandiant, a leader in managed APT protection solutions, Cyber Squared Inc., a leader in threat intelligence services and the company behind ThreatConnect®, and Malformity Labs, a solution provider of Maltego’s investigation visualization software. Through these integrations, investigators who rely on DomainTools’ unparalleled repository of DNS and Whois data, will be able to more effectively reveal the true identity of an attacker, create profiles of an attacker’s online presence, and quickly mitigate threats.

“Accurate, global Whois and DNS data is a proven difference-maker in cyberthreat investigations,” said Timothy Chen, CEO at DomainTools. “DomainTools has been the secret weapon for investigators and security analysts for years now as they rely on our unrivaled datasets to help connect the dots in their investigations. Integrating with industry partner solutions will make it even easier for our customers to investigate new threats and stop in-process attacks on their corporate networks.”

As the focus of network security strategy switches from protecting the perimeter to the real-time mitigation of inevitable attacks, the use of DomainTools data to identify and track attackers has become a critical part of the security solution stack. As the leading provider of domain profile information, DomainTools has long been an essential tool for security threat investigators. DomainTools maintains the world’s most comprehensive and accurate database of current and historical domain Whois records, along with related IP address, name server, mail server, screenshot records and more, providing security analysts with the crucial data they need to determine whether network traffic is associated with malicious sites, assess risk level and build a profile on the perpetrators of an attack.

Mandiant (a FireEye company) is a leader in security incident response managed solutions. Mandiant threat analysts use DomainTools resources daily in investigating targeted threats. Subscribers to Mandiant’s threat intelligence service directly access DomainTools Whois and DNS data to research domains linked to suspicious activity. The combination of Mandiant threat intelligence and DomainTools is a powerful weapon against targeted threats.

Integrating DomainTools data into Cyber Squared’s ThreatConnect platform enables their users to perform Whois and DNS investigations using the Track feature directly within ThreatConnect. DomainTools data powers the innovative Track feature that enables proactive monitoring of malicious domain registrations and maps them to a dynamic threat actor profile. The derived intelligence can then by used as indicators for alerting and blocking in integrated security products, such as a SIEM.

“Security analysts need to have the best investigation and profiling tools at their fingertips in order to stay ahead of attackers,” said Adam Vincent, CEO of Cyber Squared. “By integrating the DomainTools’ database of cyber-based intelligence into our Threat Intelligence Platform, we enable our customers to react faster to the evolving threat landscape. ThreatConnect is made stronger by partnerships with DomainTools and others, and we’re proud to work with them to develop the best resources for cyber threat intelligence.”

DomainTools’ partnership with Malformity Labs provides visual-based exploration of connections within DomainTools’ data and across other datasets leveraging the Maltego visualization engine. The Maltego visualization software enables users to combine data sets, both external and their own, and find meaningful connections such as the association of an unknown domain to a known cyberespionage organization. Malformity Labs has created a turnkey solution for accessing DomainTools data by hosting a cloud-based Maltego transformation server.

“As cybercriminals get smarter, it’s harder to identify who they are and to map their domain and IP launch points,” said Keith Gilbert, founder of Malformity Labs. “Combining the data from DomainTools with the investigation visualization capabilities of Maltego will enable customers to see the whole picture faster, find meaningful connections in the data and consequently respond to threats in a more proactive manner.”

About DomainTools®

DomainTools offers the most comprehensive searchable database of domain name registration (Whois), IP address and hosting data geared to investigate security attacks, cyber espionage, online fraud and all forms of cybercrime. DomainTools’ web-based application enables users to pivot through 12 years historical records of Whois, hosting, DNS information and screenshots, the industry’s broadest source of domain profiles including all ccTLDs, and IP address, hosting data, mail server records and more in order to find connections from unknown sources to known sources of badness. Customers and industry partners can integrate rich dataset into their IT Security solutions through DomainTools’ APIs, including Parsed Whois API for structured data of current domain registration. DomainTools’ customers include many companies within the Fortune 500, numerous global government agencies with cybercrime investigation units and many vendors in the security and online fraud investigation industries. Visit the website at

NSONE, Inc. Boosts Routing Precision With EDNS-CLIENT-SUBNET Support

New York, NY (PRWEB) September 04, 2014

NSONE, Inc, a leading DNS and traffic management provider to major internet companies, announced it has added support in its platform for the EDNS-CLIENT-SUBNET (ECS) DNS protocol extension, significantly enhancing the precision with which its groundbreaking Filter Chain routing technology directs traffic to its customers’ datacenters. Major end-user DNS networks like Google Public DNS and OpenDNS can now use ECS to give NSONE’s authoritative DNS platform granular network details that enable NSONE to improve routing of end users to NSONE’s customers. NSONE is one of only a handful of DNS traffic management providers offering ECS support in their platform.

EDNS-CLIENT-SUBNET is an experimental extension to the Domain Name System (DNS) protocol, the underlying internet system responsible for translating domain names to IP addresses. When an end-user DNS network sends an ECS-enabled DNS request to NSONE, anonymized network details about the requesting user are included, and NSONE can use these to make a customized, precise decision about which IP to return to the user. NSONE’s customers leverage the technology to do granular routing — for example, to ensure users are sent to the closest possible datacenter to achieve the best performance.

Combined with NSONE’s patent pending Filter Chain technology, which enables customers to easily combine a variety of high performance routing algorithms into an application-specific ruleset, ECS enables NSONE’s customers to take unprecedented control when routing users. Said Kris Beevers, NSONE’s CEO, “Precision traffic management is what NSONE is all about, and adding support for EDNS-CLIENT-SUBNET was a natural next step for us. We’re excited to be one of the only DNS providers to give customers this level of control, and it’s been great to see how quick uptake has been among our customers, and how excited everyone is to leverage ECS.”

NSONE has recently announced several new features, including support for 2-factor authentication in its customer portal, primary DNS support, and special purpose ALIAS DNS records.

About NSONE, Inc.

NSONE is a next generation DNS and traffic management provider based in New York City. Launched in 2013, NSONE has quickly won major customers including Imgur, Collective Media, Learnvest, and many more with its unique blend of high performance DNS and granular but easy to use traffic management.

For further information, please visit –

Why DNS in OS X 10.10 is broken, and what you can do to fix it

Why DNS in OS X 10.10 is broken, and what you can do to fix it

Random failures to resolve DNS names. This is rare, but every once in a while, Safari stops loading any and all websites. Turns out that the OS X DNS resolver has s …

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Dyn Releases Two New Mobile Apps

Manchester, NH (PRWEB) September 09, 2014

Dyn, the worldwide leader in Internet performance, announced today the release of two new mobile apps, available for Android and iPhone, which will help illustrate the importance of Internet performance and provide useful tools for its customers. These apps, Dyn WHOIS and Dyn Dig, have already been downloaded more than 30,000 times and are available for free in the iTunes store and Google Play.

“We believe in the value of exceptional Internet performance,” said Scott Hilton, Dyn EVP, Product. “The first step in achieving that is understanding who is responsible for your back-end infrastructure. Unfortunately, for a lot of companies this information isn’t readily accessible. These apps will help move that to the top of people’s minds by putting it into the palms of their hands.”

Dyn WHOIS is a utility that allows users to query the global and many country code WHOIS servers for the domain name contact information. The information can be used to find the individuals or entities responsible for the registration of a domain, as well as the registration and expiration times of the desired domain. This would be extremely helpful for any entrepreneur or engineer who is frequently thinking about new domain names.

Dyn Dig is a utility application that allows users to query a specified DNS server or their carrier’s DNS servers for public DNS records. In the records, users can find information such as the domain’s actual IP address along with the authoritative servers for that domain.

“DNS is one of the most important parts of a company’s Internet infrastructure and I am happy to see a tool that makes people aware of that,” said Scott Hearn of, the largest online network for global services professionals. “This is the sort of industry-related thought leadership many of us have come to expect from Dyn.”

As the number one provider of managed DNS services and one of the top five email delivery providers among Top 1000 visited websites — according to Datanyze and Alexa respectively — Dyn is committed to public discussions on Internet performance.

“Billions of people use the Internet everyday, but very few understand how this necessary technology actually works,” said Christine Graham, Sr. Software Engineer at Dyn. “The content that viewers see on websites and cloud-based apps that they visit are all hosted on servers located around the world. Dyn Dig and Dyn WHOIS were designed to query these servers through the Domain Name System (DNS) and display the publicly available information about these servers and the people and entities that host them.”

These apps are the first phase of Dyn’s mobile strategy, a strategy that will evolve deeply into the company’s core product areas. Additional tools are also in development, which will be used to further educate on the important role Traffic Management, Message Management and Performance Assurance play in providing the optimal online experience.


Dyn solutions are at the core of Internet Performance. Through traffic management, message management and performance assurance, Dyn is connecting people through the Internet and ensuring information gets where it needs to go, faster and more reliably than ever before. Incorporated in 2001, Dyn’s global presence services enterprise, small business and personal customers. Visit to learn more about how Dyn delivers.

DNS Made Easy Offers Tips on Handling a DNS Outage with Grace

RESTON, VA (PRWEB) September 16, 2014

DNS Made Easy offers best practices on how to handle a DNS outage. Our experts know it can happen to anyone, anywhere and anytime. DNS goes down and web sites are offline. Outages can last minutes or days, but either way, it’s never something people like to talk about.

DNS Made Easy experts worked with companies who migrated to our services due to multiple DNS outages. These companies are helping bring the skeletons out of the closet and disclosing what would help customers in times of DNS outages.

“The best policy is to face the issues head-on,” said Steven Job, president of DNS Made Easy. “A direct approach is best.”

In recent DNS outages, large, well-known companies were down due to distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. These attacks are geared at taking down websites, causing internet traffic jams and stealing information.

DNS Made Easy experts offer their tips on handing a DNS outage:

Be honest.

Don’t try to pretend nothing is happening or nothing went wrong. Be brief but to the point. Say what happened and if you know why it happened. If your site it still down, tell people it is down and when you think it will be back up.

Don’t be reactive.

Have a plan in place before anything goes wrong. Know what you will say, how you will say it and what avenues you will use to distribute information. Don’t be defensive or cast blame to make yourself look better.

Tell users you have a plan.

Let customers know you are taking corrective steps to ensure outages don’t happen again. Our clients moved to DNS Made Easy after experiencing multiple outages, and haven’t experienced an outage since.

Use social media to your advantage.

Reach your users and audience immediately via social media. Use commonly known sites such as Facebook and Twitter to send out an urgent message. Be careful not to cover up honest and helpful feedback, even if it is negative. Also, learn from your audience and remain open and truthful.

Own it and move on.

There’s no need to rehash details of who did what and why things happen. We don’t live in a perfect world, and most people understand that. Let people know what happened, that the problem is resolved and move on with servicing customers.

Outsource your managed DNS.

In order to properly defend against attacks, be on the offensive and maintain uptime, outsourcing DNS is the best bet. All of DNS Made Easy systems are located at premium data facilities with multiple data providers. From a network standpoint DNS Made Easy is in the top tier of DNS providers worldwide. We have a historical 8-year 100% uptime and an overall 99.9999% uptime history due to our 5th generation network, and continue to make significant improvements to redundancy and capacity to make sure we keep it that way. DNS Made Easy constantly researches, upgrades, and redesigns their network to exceed industry standards and insure it can defend against modern security threats. With 100% of network management being handled in-house, DNS Made Easy ensures you receive the highest quality of service possible.

Upgrade your protection.

DNS Made Easy thwarts attacks with an IP Anycast+ system, which is a network infrastructure, made up multiple geographically distributed points of presence around the world. This routing provides global load balancing, redundancy, decreased latency, and a true distributed response to denial of service (DoS) and DDoS attacks. A network of this nature is fully redundant allowing traffic to travel the most efficient path to the destination. This creates a multi-level backup system.

About DNS Made Easy

DNS Made Easy is a subsidiary of Tiggee LLC, and is a world leader in providing global IP Anycast enterprise DNS services. DNS Made Easy implemented the industry’s first triple independent Anycast cloud architecture for maximum DNS speed and DNS redundancy. Originally launched in 2002, DNS Made Easy’s services have grown to manage hundreds of thousands of customer domains receiving more than 8.0 billion queries per day. Today, DNS Made Easy builds on a proud history of uptime and is the preferred DNS hosting choice for most major brands, especially companies that compare price and performance of enterprise IP Anycast alternatives.

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Carr & Ferrell LLP Trademark Attorney to Moderate Panel at International Trademark Association Conference

Menlo Park, CA (PRWEB) September 19, 2014

Joi White, trademark attorney and partner at Carr & Ferrell LLP, will be moderating a panel and speaking on “Security and Surveillance” issues facing brand owners at the International Trademark Association (INTA) Conference in San Francisco on September 19, 2014. The conference, entitled Internet, Innovation and ICANN: The Evolving Landscape of the Net, brings together distinguished leaders of the trademark community, Internet experts, and high-level government officials to speak on a wide range of topics affecting the Internet community.

Members of the Security and Surveillance panel will explore the issues facing brand owners in the wake of recent data breaches at large trusted retailers, and in the light of disturbing revelations about government surveillance and back-door access to customer data. The panel will discuss current polices and practice, and legal reforms on the horizon. White will lead the discussion among panelists representing perspectives from the vantage points of a former U.S. law enforcement official, privacy advocates and policy-makers, and the private sector. Topics of discussion will cover, among others:

    Government request for access in criminal cases and in cases of national security.
    What brands can do to ensure their own security and to re-establish trust with their consumers.
    Corporate responses to government demands for consumer data in the post-Snowden era.
    Offensive and defensive brand attacks.
    Consumer-focused data collection and protection.

“Right now, the media’s eye is keenly focused on data collection and protection and the shocking numbers surrounding massive leaks of personal and financial information from trusted brands,” says White. “Faced with an endless stream of reports of data breaches, and bulk access to ‘big data’ in national security investigations, consumers are nervous and looking to trusted private sector businesses to protect their information. Brands, in turn, are faced with difficult choices: no security system is perfect, so what risk is acceptable and ‘reasonable’ within FTC standards? Comply with government demands for consumer data or fight them? Close the back doors to the government and risk harboring terrorist or organized crime activity? All the while, trust, reputation and revenue are at stake.”

Most recently White penned an opinion piece for the San Francisco Daily Journal titled, “Keep Calm and Click On,” on the U.S. government’s decision to accelerate its withdrawal from certain stewardship functions relating to the DNS or the “backbone” of the Internet. The U.S. decision was announced earlier this year, in the shadow of growing global concern over the scope of its security surveillance operations, and its remaining role in core functions of the operation of the Internet.

About Joi White

Joi White is a partner in the Intellectual Property Group of Silicon Valley based law firm, Carr & Ferrell LLP. Specializing in trademark selection, protection and enforcement, both online and in cyberspace, Ms. White counsels clients in a range of high tech fields, including computer security software, e-commerce, and consumer electronics.

In addition to maintaining an active trademark practice for nearly fifteen years, she has also enjoyed contributing to the development of domain name governance policies, both through her work on the INTA Internet Committee where she previously served as Chair of the Domain Disputes & Whois Subcommittee, and in her contributions to various ICANN working groups in areas such as WHOIS reform, domain name dispute resolution policies, and the regulation of domain name registrant privacy and proxy services.

About Carr & Ferrell LLP

Carr & Ferrell is a full-service law firm uniquely positioned to provide strategic patent and intellectual property, corporate, financing and litigation services. Located in the heart of Silicon Valley’s technology and venture capital community, our attorneys leverage their technical, business and legal expertise to help emerging companies and investors transform business concepts into industry leading enterprises. A strong and focused firm, we have made senior level attention a hallmark of our clients’ experience.

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Finalists Announced for 11th Annual Meffys – The Global Awards for Mobile Content & Commerce

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) September 24, 2014

MEF, the global community for mobile content and commerce has revealed the finalists for its 11th annual Meffys – the international awards for measuring success and rewarding innovation across the mobile ecosystem.    

The Meffys, which this year has attracted over 250 entries from 30 countries across the 13 award categories, is judged by an independent panel of 40 journalists, academics, analysts and VCs from around the globe. New categories for 2014 include mHealth, Mobile Education and Big Data demonstrating the diversity of the mobile content and commerce landscape as it continues to expand across new market sectors in both growth and established markets.

Bringing together finalists representing countries from as wide-reaching as Tanzania to United Arab Emirates and from Brazil to the Philippines, the

2014 Meffys winners will be unveiled in San Francisco on 19th November at a glittering gala dinner co-located with MEF’s annual conference, MEF Global Forum 2014 which takes place at The Westin San Francisco Market Street on 17th to the 19th November.

Rimma Perelmuter, MEF’s CEO said: “Building on their heritage as the established barometer for showcasing innovation and mobile excellence, the Meffys provide a unique window into the mobile trends and success stories transforming consumers’ lives around the world. We are particularly delighted to see strong representation in the new award categories of mHealth, education and big data. This year’s record number of entries truly demonstrate the power of the mobile to deliver a broad range of pioneering products and services which entertain, educate and empower consumers.”    

“Congratulations to all of the Meffys finalists and thank you to the international judging panel who provided their expert insights. We wish everyone good luck and look forward to celebrating the ultimate winners at MEF Global Forum in San Francisco.”

Meffys 2014 Finalists

Big Data

Alpine Data Labs for Alpine Chorus: Unleashing the Power of Team-Based Data Science
App Annie for Advertising Analytics and App Store Optimization (ASO) tools.
AppsFlyer for AppsFlyer
deltaDNA for deltaDNA – The power of personalization
SiSense for SiSense 5.0 Analyzes a Billion Records Instantly on Any Mobile Device

Consumer Trust

AgeCheq for AgeCheq Child App Privacy Ecosystem
Bluebox Security for Bluebox Security
F-Secure for F-Secure Freedome
One97 Communications Ltd. for Paytm App
The Wireless Registry for Take Control of Your Wireless Identity


EDUMOBI for EDUMOBI – Mobile Learning Network for
Mutual Mobile for Yuby
Pearson Education for iLit
Wikimedia Foundation for Wikipedia Zero


Buddy Enterprises Limited for Buddy App
Eko Devices for Eko Devices
Essence for Care@Home™
MediSafe for MediSafe Medication Management Platform
VoiceItt for TalkItt: This Is My Voice

Life Tools

DocuSignn Inc. for DocuSign
EasilyDo for EasilyDo
Fueled for Happify – The Happiness App
Microsoft Mobile for Video Tuner
SwiftKey for SwiftKey Keyboard

Mobile Money

Bango for The Bango Payments Platform
Barclays for Barclays Mobile Banking
Mahindra Comviva for Econet Eco$ ave powered by Mahindra Comviva mobiquity Money
Personal Capital for Personal Capital
Smart e-Money, Incorporated for Mobile Cash Transfer Program

Mobile Service

ATIV Software for EventPilot – Mobile conference app to create sustainable paperless meetings
BBG for VOA News
iRestaurante for iRestaurante
Mahindra Comviva for Econet Eco$ ave powered by Mahindra Comviva mobiquityR Money
ONDiGO for ONDiGO – Mobile CRM

Monetization & Engagement

Carnival for Carnival Mobile Marketing Suite
deltaDNA for deltaDNA – The power of personalization
Locatrix Communications for Game of Phones
Mblox for StarStar Services
Pollen for Pollen VC

Social & Entertainment

Bitstrips for Bitstrips
FleishmanHillard for Plants vs. Zombies 2
Locatrix Communications for Game of Phones
Movile internet móvel s.a for PlayKids
NaturalMotion for Clumsy Ninja

Social Responsibility

GoMetro for GoMetro USSD service
Kurbo Health for Kurbo Health
mHealth Tanzania Public Private Partnership (CDC Foundation) for Healthy Baby, Healthy Pregnancy Text Messaging Service
VOTO Mobile for Creating Equal Opportunity Through Voice
Wikimedia Foundation for Wikipedia Zero

Innovative App

Blippar for Blippar
Ensygnia for Ensygnia Onescan
Harris+Hoole for Transforming the customer experience through the Harris+Hoole app
Plastic Mobile for Neighbourhood Navigator
Shazam Entertainment for Auto Shazam

Innovation in a Growth Market

GoMetro for GoMetro Mobile Website
Intigral for Dawri Plus
Mahindra Comviva for Econet Eco$ ave powered by Mahindra Comviva’s mobiquity Money
Mobilium Global Ltd for Smart Health Africa
NearBytes for SndKey

Innovation in Technology

Blippar for Blippar app on Google Glass
Drawbridge, Inc for Drawbridge Cross-Device Advertising Technology
ItsOn Inc. for ItsOn Smart Services Platform™
Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. for Qualcomm® Vuforia™ Smart Terrain™
The Wireless Registry for DNS for the Internet of Things

MEF Global Forum and Meffys 2014 are supported by Gold Editora, Mahindra Comviva, Movile, Mozilla, Playphone, TIMWE, Titans Group and Zenvia

For more information on MEF Global Forum 2014 or to purchase tickets or corporate branded tables for Meffys Gala Dinner 2014 please visit .