NSONE, Inc. Boosts Routing Precision With EDNS-CLIENT-SUBNET Support

New York, NY (PRWEB) September 04, 2014

NSONE, Inc, a leading DNS and traffic management provider to major internet companies, announced it has added support in its platform for the EDNS-CLIENT-SUBNET (ECS) DNS protocol extension, significantly enhancing the precision with which its groundbreaking Filter Chain routing technology directs traffic to its customers’ datacenters. Major end-user DNS networks like Google Public DNS and OpenDNS can now use ECS to give NSONE’s authoritative DNS platform granular network details that enable NSONE to improve routing of end users to NSONE’s customers. NSONE is one of only a handful of DNS traffic management providers offering ECS support in their platform.

EDNS-CLIENT-SUBNET is an experimental extension to the Domain Name System (DNS) protocol, the underlying internet system responsible for translating domain names to IP addresses. When an end-user DNS network sends an ECS-enabled DNS request to NSONE, anonymized network details about the requesting user are included, and NSONE can use these to make a customized, precise decision about which IP to return to the user. NSONE’s customers leverage the technology to do granular routing — for example, to ensure users are sent to the closest possible datacenter to achieve the best performance.

Combined with NSONE’s patent pending Filter Chain technology, which enables customers to easily combine a variety of high performance routing algorithms into an application-specific ruleset, ECS enables NSONE’s customers to take unprecedented control when routing users. Said Kris Beevers, NSONE’s CEO, “Precision traffic management is what NSONE is all about, and adding support for EDNS-CLIENT-SUBNET was a natural next step for us. We’re excited to be one of the only DNS providers to give customers this level of control, and it’s been great to see how quick uptake has been among our customers, and how excited everyone is to leverage ECS.”

NSONE has recently announced several new features, including support for 2-factor authentication in its customer portal, primary DNS support, and special purpose ALIAS DNS records.

About NSONE, Inc.

NSONE is a next generation DNS and traffic management provider based in New York City. Launched in 2013, NSONE has quickly won major customers including Imgur, Collective Media, Learnvest, and many more with its unique blend of high performance DNS and granular but easy to use traffic management.

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