Dyn Releases Two New Mobile Apps

Manchester, NH (PRWEB) September 09, 2014

Dyn, the worldwide leader in Internet performance, announced today the release of two new mobile apps, available for Android and iPhone, which will help illustrate the importance of Internet performance and provide useful tools for its customers. These apps, Dyn WHOIS and Dyn Dig, have already been downloaded more than 30,000 times and are available for free in the iTunes store and Google Play.

“We believe in the value of exceptional Internet performance,” said Scott Hilton, Dyn EVP, Product. “The first step in achieving that is understanding who is responsible for your back-end infrastructure. Unfortunately, for a lot of companies this information isn’t readily accessible. These apps will help move that to the top of people’s minds by putting it into the palms of their hands.”

Dyn WHOIS is a utility that allows users to query the global and many country code WHOIS servers for the domain name contact information. The information can be used to find the individuals or entities responsible for the registration of a domain, as well as the registration and expiration times of the desired domain. This would be extremely helpful for any entrepreneur or engineer who is frequently thinking about new domain names.

Dyn Dig is a utility application that allows users to query a specified DNS server or their carrier’s DNS servers for public DNS records. In the records, users can find information such as the domain’s actual IP address along with the authoritative servers for that domain.

“DNS is one of the most important parts of a company’s Internet infrastructure and I am happy to see a tool that makes people aware of that,” said Scott Hearn of, the largest online network for global services professionals. “This is the sort of industry-related thought leadership many of us have come to expect from Dyn.”

As the number one provider of managed DNS services and one of the top five email delivery providers among Top 1000 visited websites — according to Datanyze and Alexa respectively — Dyn is committed to public discussions on Internet performance.

“Billions of people use the Internet everyday, but very few understand how this necessary technology actually works,” said Christine Graham, Sr. Software Engineer at Dyn. “The content that viewers see on websites and cloud-based apps that they visit are all hosted on servers located around the world. Dyn Dig and Dyn WHOIS were designed to query these servers through the Domain Name System (DNS) and display the publicly available information about these servers and the people and entities that host them.”

These apps are the first phase of Dyn’s mobile strategy, a strategy that will evolve deeply into the company’s core product areas. Additional tools are also in development, which will be used to further educate on the important role Traffic Management, Message Management and Performance Assurance play in providing the optimal online experience.


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