Securly Announces Freemium Web Filtering Offering for K-12 Schools

Santa Clara, CA (PRWEB) July 17, 2014

Securly, Inc. – the world’s leading cloud-based provider of Internet Security for K-12 schools – today announced the launch of its freemium offering for schools around the globe.

The freemium model offers a “lite” version of the product – securlyFree – for free, while paid users will have access to premium support and no usage caps. Bharath Madhusudan, co-founder of Securly, explains: “In the two years we’ve been providing our service to schools, we’ve run into a number of cases in which schools in underserved communities simply did not have the resources to afford a good web-filtering solution.” In many cases, IT admins in these schools have allocated more than half of their meager EdTech budgets to acquire a web-filter. “In these situations, Securly was often a solution that addressed a mandated requirement with a disruptively low price-point. Still, we have always asked ourselves if we could do better,” says Madhusudan.

Securly’s unique DNS to Proxy innovation and 1:1 Chromebook, Windows and Macbook management solutions all have a light operational footprint and this allows the company to offer a “lite” version of the product for free – perpetually. This move aligns with the company’s “double bottom-line” goal of helping the most high-need schools while bringing a key business model innovation to the table.

Though this “securlyFree” version of the product will have caps on usage that will meet the requirements of underserved schools, it will continue to bring to these schools the full range of innovations Securly pioneers. Says Madhusudan – “The hope is to allow schools around the world to benefit from safe online education using 21st century tools such as YouTube, search and Wikipedia – freely and easily.”

About Securly:

Securly is the world’s leading provider of cloud based analytics and security for K-12 schools. The founding team has a combined 20+ years of experience in the network security space. The company is a venture backed startup in Silicon Valley and serves hundreds of schools in North America, Europe and the Asia Pacific region. More information about securlyFree here:

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