Sectorlink Offers Innovative, New, Cluster Based Web Services

Flint, MI (PRWEB) October 14, 2014

Sectorlink, a recognized leader in the web hosting and dedicated server market, is offering its clients cluster based web service, a brand new service never seen before in the world of web hosting. Cluster based web services use multiple servers to spread hosting services on, so that there is no one single point of failure in the event of a crash or data catastrophe.

“Traditionally web hosting services are all on one server, which includes everything from your web email, to hosting, to analytics. If this server fails, you lose all of your services,” explains Jason Eisert, CEO of Sectorlink. “With cluster based web services if a server fails, you would only lose one part of your service/data.”

Essentially, this innovative new service is a way for companies to prepare for the worst. It’s the equivalent of a company deciding not to put all of its eggs in one basket. That way, in the event that something goes wrong, all is not lost.

This new service also simplifies things. As Eisert notes, “With cluster hosting, you can also have Windows and Linux hosting with one singular account instead of needing multiple accounts.”

So far, Sectorlink has received resoundingly positive feedback from the clients who have been using it.

“Thus far, they like the new product offering,” says Eisert.

He goes on to explain that the reason so many clients appreciate the cluster based web services is not only because of what it offers, but also because of its simplicity and its efficiency. As Eisert explains, “We’ve taken a centralized hosting setup to make it look and feel like a one-server setup. The front end interface gives it a traditional look for web hosting, which clients enjoy. They also like the control panel — it is very intuitive.”

If interested, cluster based web services can be purchased all together, or individually.

“Some of these services include mail service, web service, installation services, analytic services, DNS services — all of these can be added a la carte if desired,” states Eisert. “The main goal here was to get a more reliable hosting service.”

About Sectorlink

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